Strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts

Getting identity and access management (IAM) right for your standard users is hard enough. What about your superusers? Privileged accounts and users with elevated access have unique requirements that often push management and governance beyond the reach of traditional methods for privileged account management (PAM).

This e-book will arm you with questions and perspectives you can use to put in place a successful PAM program:

  • Other names that PAM goes by
  • The benefit of delegating authority in Windows, and why it’s the lesser of two evils
  • The role of sudo in PAM
  • How to respond when someone says, “Hey, all we need is a credential vault.”
  • Four rules for the Unix/Linux root account and the administrators who use it

Read the e-book “Strategies to ensure success for your Privileged Management Project” to see how to prepare your organization for the security, management and governance you need for your superuser accounts.

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