Building a roadmap to Cloud

Enterprises of every shape and size are moving to the Cloud. There is a real sense of inevitability about this now, and it is not hard to see why, because they are hoping to make large financial savings as a result. Consultants suggest it is possible to reduce fixed costs (overheads) by anything up to 31%, with an equivalent saving on transaction costs once they have moved their IT infrastructures and applications entirely to the Cloud.

NTT DATA is one of the technology leaders that is defining and redefining the scope of and potential of Cloud. Our expertise in IT, engineering and telecommunications gives us a privileged position as a leader in Cloud evolution. Partnering with us will give you access to original IP, broad and deep knowledge of all the core technologies involved in current and future Cloud, together with rich consulting skills to help you face the business and human challenges successfully.

Building a practical roadmap, with clear measurements and check points, is the necessary first step along the road. We will help you face this greatest of Change projects successfully.

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